Daily 4th!

2013-04-11 00:49:19 by DrRobot

Finally, after years of submitting games... I have gotten a "daily" trophy! I've been so close many times before, but now, I have achieved it!


Thanks everyone!

Click here to read the article

So, you think you got a good flash game? Well, just make sure you read that article, then you can think about how good your flash game is.

I should have probably made it longer, including how thumbnails impact your games popularity, and stuff.

Enjoy the read


Check out my website!!

2007-09-29 18:24:48 by DrRobot

Hey, just letting everybody know about my website. It isn't the greatest accomplishment in the world. But, it was fun making it. If you find any errors, or bugs, you can either comment this post, or you can email me. my email is found in the contact section of the site. Oh, and if you want to affiliate, feel free to email me about that too.

The Orange Day

Check out my website!!